ONOY (OMME NISHYABDA OMME YUDDHA) is a kannada movie is of love-action-thriller movie

Omme Nishabda Omme Yuddha is a kannada movie is of love-action-thriller movie for movie lovers. Omme Nishyabda Omme Yudda is a Kannada movie starring Samyuktha Hegde in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Sree Nag.

The director of Nithya Jothe Satya Srinag is back with a subject on dumb and deaf female protagonist played by Kirik Party heroine Samyuktha Hegde. ‘ONOY’ is produced by Praveen Raj, Suresh VVNV stars Prabhu, Aravind, Vijay Bolenath, Edakallu Chandrasekhar (last film), Ramakrishna with Kalyan Sami cinematography and Kiran Varanasi music composition.

Kiran Varanasi a strong follower of melody of music directors like Rajan Nagendra and Hamsalekha says the soothing effect will be only through melody. Srinag says the film is on Silence and War. In the life of dumb and deaf love occurs but faces strange situation that is out of her control. In Bengaluru, Chickmagaluru, Udupi and Hyderabad the shoot was shot for this ‘Love Thriller’. The film will be released on 31 May, 2019.